Project Community Connect

Project Community Connect

Project Community Connect brings people together.

On any given night, about 1,000 people face homelessness in and around Fargo-Moorhead. Homeless people include adults, youth, couples or families with children. All are poor. They are living outdoors, in cars, abandoned buildings, tents, emergency shelters or teetering on the edge of eviction or foreclosure.

They may be homeless because of an untreated mental or physical illness, disability, domestic violence, disaster, job loss or other economic crisis, or addiction: Some may be experiencing a financial crisis and have been evicted from their home; others are long-term homeless, having lived on the streets for months or even years.

PROJECT COMMUNITY CONNECT taps into the energy and commitment of individuals to help find creative solutions to end homelessness. It brings service providers, community leaders, and volunteers together to provide vital support services in a warm and welcoming way.

Bad credit, poor rental history or a criminal record make it extraordinarily difficult to find safe, secure and adequate housing. But people make mistakes. They experience disease or ill fortune. We need safe, affordable housing and compassionate landlords. We need to examine and rein in the length of time we punish people for their mistakes. We need an honest, well-informed conversation about homelessness.

The next Project Community Connect is Wednesday October 12 at the FargoDome. Please consider volunteering or sending a donation. The volunteer link is

Donations can be sent to FMCHP, PO Box 5653, Fargo ND 58105 and are tax deductible.

This event was formerly called Project Homeless Connect. We changed the name to better reflect the mix of people who participate. These events have been held in Fargo-Moorhead twice a year since 2007. They are a national “best practices” model for helping those who are homeless and at risk of homelessness access services.